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Adross Node: Large crystal spires dotting the Nether, they are a repository of the psychic energy emitted by dreaming mortals and lost souls. This energy may be transmitted remotely by attuning the node to a Summoning Gate, a device in use by both angels and fiends. From there, the energy can be used to momentarily bridge the gap between the Rapture/Torment and the Nether, and import small quantities of personnel and materiel.

All attuned Adross nodes contribute 1 Adross Point per day at Dawn for Angels, and at Dusk for Fiends. Adross Points may be stockpiled, or invested into the Summoning Gate to make progress toward final victory. Once one faction has invested 1,000 Adross Points, they complete a permanent bridge to their home plane to summon their army, and the campaign ends.

There are 5 special Adross nodes that contribute more than 1 AP per day. Furthermore, there are caches of Dynamic Adross scattered across the island. Vanguards may discover them by exploring a hex.

The Vanguard may convert Adross Points to Dynamic Adross at a 1 AP: 10 DA ratio. The process may not be reversed.

Dynamic Adross: Used in place of a material component with a GP value that is consumed when the spell is cast (ex: Glyph of Warding, Simulacrum). Dynamic Adross may be used for any such spell. 1 DA is equal to a 5 GP material component.

Harmonic Adross: Used in place of a material component with a GP value that is not consumed when the spell is cast (ex: Chromatic Orb, Programmed Illusion). Each piece of Harmonic Adross is unique, and functions only for the spell for which it was made. List each sample and its associated spell separately in your inventory.

A spellcaster may convert Dynamic Adross to Harmonic Adross 1:1 by performing a 1 hour ritual, and spending a spell slot equal to the spell level.


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