The Celestial War has raged since the beginning of time, as Elosha and Avodre battle for control of the mortal universe. Their armies, led by Seraphim and Archfiends, vie for control of Adross, a rare and valuable source of energy found only upon islands of stability in the chaos of the Nether.

Haithex is one such island, a newly discovered, sprawling fragment more than 100 miles across. The Nether itself lies at the crossroads between the sleeping minds of mortals and the afterlife realm of Limbo. Both dreams and nightmares become real, and lost souls occasionally stray into the Nether. However, the realm also supports natural inhabitants, of a mind alien to mortals, fiends and angels alike. Called the Xeiscient, these insectoid and reptilian creatures care not for trespassers, and seek to expel both the angels and fiends who would claim the Adross that grows there.

When the story begins, members of the Seraphim Council have chosen certain angelic soldiers to represent their Words and form a Vanguard to explore Haithex. The cost of breaching the barrier between Rapture and the Nether is great, and so only a few can begin the journey, at least until the expeditionary force has secured more Adross.

The Eye of Elosha has provided a glimpse of the landscape, and revealed the presence of fiends already fast at work harvesting Adross themselves, along with sprawling hives of Xeiscients littering the breadth and width of the island. The Eye will not pass over Haithex again for weeks to come, and who knows what dark forces gather around the Vanguard’s new foothold, the Weeping Citadel.

The objective of Haithex is to acquire 1,000 Adross, to open a permanent bridge between Rapture and the island. Adross is acquired by exploring hexes and attuning nodes discovered therein. However, exploration is sure to attract Xeiscients, the Fiends have their own Vanguard, and numerous mortal souls and dreamers will appear throughout the land, both to aid and inhibit the angels.