Day 0

The Seraphim Council has sent their Vanguard to explore the island of Haithex. The soldiers arrive at a castle built into a massive rock outcropping in southwest Haithex, no doubt the dreamplex of some mortal. Having determined its suitability as a base of operations, the angelic soldiers dubbed it the Weeping Citadel for the streams of saltwater mysteriously forming at the mountain’s top, and coursing down its steep faces.

They raised a summoning circle to draw support from Rapture, now they just need Adross to fuel it. The mountainside itself hosts an Adross node, though this alone will hardly be enough for their needs.

In the distance, at the base of the mountain, packs of ravaging Xeiscients creep across the plains and through the woods. The vanguard will need to act quickly to secure their foothold.


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