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Deployment phase determines the activity of the angelic and infernal Vanguards, and the movement of the Fang and Claw. Each day lasts 20 hours, with 4 sky phases. The sky phases are Dawn (00:00), Sun (05:00), Dusk (10:00), Abyss (15:00)

Each Dawn, angelic Vanguards choose the Words for their aura. Fiends choose theirs at Dusk.

At Sun and Abyss, roll percentile dice for each Vanguard not in a hex with a Stronghold, and consult the table. The first percent chance is for Sun, the second for Abyss. If the result is equal to or less than the number indicated in the table below, the Vanguard has attracted a Xeiscient swarm. To determine the size of the swarm, see Zones

Desert: 5% / 50%
Forest: 10% / 20%
Grass: 5% / 10%
Hills: 10% / 20%
Mountain: 20% / 20%
Water: 10% / 10%
Hiding: 2% / 5%
Outpost: 1% / 2%

Once the Vanguard-Swarm conflict is resolved, the nearest legendary Swarm begins moving toward the Vanguard on its next turn. It will pursue the Vanguard until the Vanguard reaches a Stronghold, or teleports between structures. The legendary swarm will destroy the last structure, in the event of the latter.

The 6 possible actions a Vanguard can take are as follows:

Explore: The Vanguard reveals the features of a hex. Spend the time indicated below, and make a group Wisdom (Exploration) check against the terrain DC. The action is a success if at least one person succeeds. If the check fails, subsequent attempts on the same hex are made with Advantage. A natural 20 halves the time spent.

  • Grass/Desert: DC 10, 4 hours
  • Hills/Forest: DC 15, 6 hours
  • Water/Mountain: DC 20, 8 hours

Move/Teleport: The Vanguard moves from their current hex to a new one. This action lasts an amount of time equal to the average of both hexes listed on the table below. Ex: To move from Hills to Grass is 3 hours. To move from Grass to Desert is 2 hours. To move from Desert to Mountain is 4 hours.

  • Grass/Desert: 2 hours
  • Hills/Forest: 4 hours
  • Water/Mountain: 6 hours

If one hex contains or adjoins an allied Aerie, spend only half the time of the hex which does not. For instance, to move from an Aerie hex to Grass takes only 1 hour. To move from Mountain to Aerie requires 3 hours. Otherwise, movement from hex to hex within an Aerie’s radius is 10 minutes per hex.

The Vanguard may instantly teleport from one structure to any other structure.

Attune/Harvest: The Vanguard spends 4 hours to attune an Adross node to their stronghold. Once attuned, that node automatically provides 1 Adross every day to that Vanguard’s stronghold.

If a hex has a special resource, the Vanguard may harvest it. The amount of time required to harvest, and the benefit of the resource is cited under its individual description.

Hide: The Vanguard occupies a square. This action lasts until ended. While active the chance of attracting a Xeiscient swarm is greatly reduced. They are invisible to enemy Vanguards, but not the Fang and Claw.

Build: The Vanguard deploys a MetaCube into a structure, or collapses a structure into a MetaCube. Each structure requires 4 hours to deploy or collapse.

Assault: Rules of engagement when a Vanguard enters a hex occupied by an enemy Vanguard or structure.

Structures: Details about the benefits each structure provides.

Fang and Claw: Details about the legendary Xeiscient swarms


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