Fang and Claw

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Both Hiveminds control a special swarm, called the Fang (Ixatra) and the Claw (Kiva)

The Fang moves at the sky phase Sun (05:00), and the Claw moves at Abyss (15:00). They move two hexes during their turn, regardless of terrain type. Roll 1D6 to determine the direction of the new hex. N=1, NE=2, SE=3, S=4, SW=5, NW=6

Reroll if the new hex is their previous hex, a Stronghold or Mindhive, or a Void or Water terrain (excluding rivers).

Structures are destroyed and Adross nodes lose their attunement whenever the Fang or Claw enters the hex.

Vanguards cannot enter a hex occupied by either swarm, and must withdraw from any hex which they enter. If the Fang and Claw ever meet each other, they reset at their Mindhives. Both swarms automatically reset every time the Eye of Elosha passes over Haithex (once every 10 days)

Fang and Claw

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