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Adross: A precious substance used to fuel and magnify the powers of both celestials and infernals. It is spectacularly rare in the Rapture and the Torment, but grows naturally in the Nether. For this reason, both factions fight for control of the floating islands throughout the Nether, seeking to gain an edge over their rivals for the greater war effort.

An Adross node appears as a massive, clear crystal, usually several meters in height. It faintly glows blue when attuned to angelic forces, and red when attuned to fiends. Rarely, they spontaneously shatter for unknown reasons, leaving behind a quantity of Dynamic Adross. See Adross for further details on the different types.

Avodre: Supreme deity of evil.

Elosha: Supreme deity of good.

Eye of Elosha: Elosha sweeps his gaze across the multiverse, revealing to his Seraphim all that sees. All new Fiend structures are revealed, and the Fang and the Claw are banished to their Mindhives.

Hivemind: A huge Xeiscient with powerful telepathic abilities, they direct the activities of all Xeiscients within a Mindhive.

Mindhive: The central dwelling and breeding grounds for all Xeiscients in an area. There are two known Mindhives on Haithex.

Rapture, The: The home plane of the celestial forces.

Torment, The: The home plane of the infernal forces.

Vanguard: A group of Soldiers attuned to the Words of Seraphim or Archfiends.

Xeiscient: Any of the denizens native to the Nether. They take on a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Most are insectoid or reptillian in appearance. The intelligence of an individual Xeiscient is quite low, on par with most animals, but grows with proximity to other Xeiscients.

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