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All new players begin as a Level 1 Seraph with a +2 Proficiency bonus and one Rank 1 Word. A Seraph character sheet includes only the following: Name, Seraph Experience Points and Level, Proficiency Bonus, Words and Word Ranks

A Word grants an aura to the Soldiers comprising a Vanguard. At Dawn (00:00) the Vanguard selects which Words contribute to the aura, and which Soldier bears the aura. The aura has a 100 foot radius, and Soldiers must remain within the radius to gain its benefits.

Each Word has three ranks.


The Vanguard may not benefit from more Words than there are soldiers in a Vanguard. The maximum number of Word Ranks they may carry is equal to the Vanguard Level (total of all soldier levels divided by number of soldiers, rounded down).

Ex: A Vanguard of four soldiers can carry four Words. If their levels are 3, 5, 6, and 7, their Vanguard level is 5. They could carry three Rank 1 Words and one Rank 2 Word, or a Rank 3 Word and a Rank 2 Word.

Each hex rewards Seraph Experience Points after it is explored. The amount is based on the zone. For instance, Zone A – Valley of Tears, rewards 300 XP per explored hex. Seraphs gain levels according to the PHB table for normal characters. When a Seraph gains a level, he gains one point toward purchasing new Words and Word Ranks.

Purchasing a new Word costs 1 point. Increasing a word from Rank 1 to 2 costs two Word points. Rank 2 to 3 costs three points.


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