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Use the following guidelines when creating a new character.

  • Race: All characters are Angels.
  • Ability Scores: You do not gain a racial ability score bonus. Your starting ability scores are all 10’s. You have 18 points to distribute among them. 11=1 point, 12=2, 13=3, 14=5. 15=7, 16=9

The ability score maximum in Haithex is increased to 22.

  • Level/Class: You begin play at Level 3. See below for class equipment and skills. Consult Classes for changes to each class. You gain your class average HP each time you gain a level.
  • Background: Instead of a background, choose a Choir from the celestial legion. Each Choir grants an Ability Score increase, and a spell you can cast once per long rest without components. The Spellcasting Ability used for each spell is the same as the Ability Score increase.

Gladim: +2 Strength, Divine Favor
Telim: +2 Dexterity, Longstrider
Corim: +2 Constitution, False Life
Sophim: +2 Wisdom, Shield of Faith
Erudim: +2 Intelligence, Mage Armor
Lucim: +2 Charisma, Heroism

  • Skills: You may choose any skills, not only those appearing on your class list in the PHB. You still gain the same number of skills, however.

The following skills have been removed in Haithex:
Arcana, Deception, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Persuasion, Religion, Sleight of Hand, Survival

The following new Skills have been added in Haithex:
Agression, Aether Lore, Diplomacy, Exploration, Legerdemain, Nether Lore, Salvation

  • Equipment: You may start with any non-magical weapons and armor appearing in the PHB. Note that angels do not need to sleep, eat food, or drink water.

Spellcasters also begin play with a Spellcasting Focus of their choice (component pouches are not used), and 500 GP worth of Adross in any combination of Harmonic and Dynamic types.

  • All characters also gain the following racial features:

Flight: Wings are not normally visible; they manifest as an act of will. In their native planes, both angels and fiends enjoy an unlimited capacity for flight. However, in the atmosphere of the Nether, they find flying more difficult. As their inner power grows, so does their ability to remain airborne.

You have a Flight Distance score equal to your Level x 30 feet, and may manifest your wings to gain a flying speed of 30 feet. You regain all spent Flight Distance after completing a Communion (5 minutes). You may perform the following feats:
Fly: You may move in any direction while airborne. Vertical movement (straight and diagonal) counts as difficult terrain.
Hover: You spend 1/2 the normal Flight Distance for all unspent movement while airborne during your turn.
Brake: Spend 10 feet of Flight Distance to reduce falling damage to 0.
Glide: Spend 1/3 your flight distance while moving. You cannot use the Dash action while Gliding. Reduce elevation by 5 feet for every 30 feet of horizontal distance. You must move at least 10 feet in the same direction before turning, and you can only turn 45 degrees at a time (minimum 30 foot wide circles).

Telepathy: You can communicate with other angels at the speed of thought. To do so, you must be within 100 feet and able to see the angel you wish to talk to. The angel does not need to see you to reply.

Celestial Nature: You do not need to eat food, drink water, or sleep, and never take levels of exhaustion for going without. Very high and low temperatures do not cause you discomfort, though you still take fire and cold damage normally.

You may Commune with Rapture for 5 minutes to spend your Hit Dice and regain your Flight Distance. You do not sleep during a long rest, only meditate (see elven Trance)

Death is permanent in Haithex. The only spell which can return a dead character to life is Revivify. If a Soldier has been dead longer than a minute (without Gentle Repose), the player must create a new character. The new character can begin play up to a level equal to his Seraph Level – 1, minimum 3. The cost of doing so is equal to 5 Adross per Soldier Level.


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