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Acrobatics: As described in the PHB. Also used to tumble (DMG).

Aether Lore: Replaces Arcana, History, Nature and Religion for all knowledge related to angels, demons and lost souls.

Aggression: Used to break barriers, intimidate, overrun (DMG), push and shove.

Athletics: As described in the PHB, except where Aggression is used. Used for running, climbing, jumping, swimming and grappling.

Diplomacy: Replaces Deception and Persuasion as described in the PHB.

Exploration: Replaces Survival, and some Perception checks.

Insight: As described in the PHB. Also aids Combat Intuition, described below.

Legerdemain: Replaces Sleight of Hand and Thieve’s Tools tool proficiency.

Nether Lore: Replaces Arcana, History, Nature, and Religion for all knowledge related to the Nether, Xeiscients, and dream elements.

Perception: As described in the PHB. Also replaces some Investigation rolls.

Salvation: Replaces Medicine as described in the PHB. Proficiency grants the ability to to deliver a Lost Soul via Redemption, described below.

Stealth: As described in the PHB

  • New skill features

Combat Intuition (Insight): As a bonus action, you may discern the intent of enemies in combat. Make a Wisdom (Insight) check, DC 15. If successful, you can guess the most likely course of action enemies will take. The DM will inform you of the intended action of an enemy, such as who it will attack, where it will move, or if it will cast a spell (but not the type of spell). This action becomes locked into play, unless the target spends its reaction to unlock it. The number of enemies you can intuit is equal to your Proficiency bonus.

Redemption (Salvation): You attempt to deliver a Lost Soul into Rapture. Use your action and make a DC 20 Charisma (Salvation) check. If successful, you deal 1d6 radiant damage to a Lost Soul. If this damage reduces the Lost Soul to 0 HP, it has been redeemed, and contributes 1 point to the Angels’ Adross Points, as the soul enters Rapture through their summoning gate.


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