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All structures requires 20 adross to purchase, and 4 hours to build or collapse. They are contained in a MetaSphere for easy transport, a nearly weightless object about 6 inches across that unfolds into the entire structure, are collapses back into a ball. The MetaSphere type is chosen upon purchase, and cannot be changed.

A Vanguard may instantly teleport between any two structures under their control.

A structure only benefits the faction which controls it. An enemy structure can be destroyed by damaging its Power Core (AC 10, 50 HP), or converted to a new Vanguard’s control by spending four hours touching and concentrating on it.

Outpost: An outpost provides a safe location for a Vanguard to rest with a reduced chance of attracting swarms. All attack rolls made by the faction in control of the Outpost have Advantage while within 100 feet of the structure.

The structure is a 40 foot diameter hemisphere of quarter-inch starsteel with a sealed door. The door can be opened with a known password, or a Celestial/Fiend Lore check DC 20 (Lore type same as Vanguard who deployed it). The wall can be breached by attacking it, AC 20, 50 damage to make an opening wide enough to squeeze through. The Power Core is at its center.

Observatory: Enemy units are revealed within a hex occupied by an Observatory, out to two more hexes. The observatory must be attached to an Aerie. It is a 20 foot diameter sphere with a starsteel shell (see Outpost) containing the Power Core. It floats 50 feet above the Aerie to which it is attached.

Aerie: Flight time for allied Soldiers is unlimited within a hex occupied by an Aerie, and all hexes adjacent to it. Upon being deployed, an Aerie ascends as a floating platform 50 feet in diameter with a Power Core at its center. It rises to 250 feet above the point it was deployed. Aside from the difficulty in reaching it, the Aerie has no other defenses, and its Power Core must remain exposed at all times to function. If the core is destroyed, and the Aerie supported an Observatory, the Observatory Power Core detonates 1 round after the Aerie’s Power Core, causing 10d10 damage in a 200 foot radius, dexterity save for half. The damage type is radiant if constructed by Angels, and necrotic if constructed by fiends.


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